Contraband Deal Could Send Guard To Prison For 40 Years

An illegal financial deal between a Metropolitan Correctional Center guard and an inmate may land the officer behind bars for over 40 years.

Correction Officer Dario Quirumbay's trouble began in 2017 when he mentioned to an unidentified inmate that he was saving for a trip to Hawaii. The inmate told the guard he could help him pay for the trip if the guard would bring contraband into the jail. The guard and inmate agreed on a fee of $1,400 and the illegal activity began.

Officer Quirumbay allegedly began sneaking phones, alcohol, and drugs into the facility with the help of another inmate's mother. When the contraband was delivered the guard attempted to collect his fee, only to find that the crook had lied to him and didn't have that kind of money.  

When Officer Quirumbay demanded the money, the inmate had to hit up other prisoners to raise the money. When the inmate was only able to raise $700 he became frightened for his own safety and informed jail officials of the deal.

According to an article published in the New York Post, police records show that Officer Quirumbay took a week-long trip to Hawaii in 2017. The officer faces charges of bribery and providing contraband. He was released on a $60,000 bond.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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