E-Scooter Sharing Program Is in the Works for NYC

New York City council members Ydanis Rodriguez and Rafael Espinal are working on legislation to bring an electric scooter share program to the Big Apple. 

Rodriguez, who heads the transportation committee, said “There are already places where riders use e-scooters. It’s important not to leave New York City behind.”

The e-scooter firm ‘Bird’ is currently working with council members to draft a plan to help NYC adapt to the merits of small transportation alternatives that are currently being used in several U.S. and European cities.

David Estrada, Birds' chief legal officer said “Bird can provide a reliable transit alternative to short car trips, especially in the outer boroughs where transportation needs are greatest.” 

Estrada added “We think Bird can provide immediate relief in the L train corridor and other neighborhoods where long commutes to the subway, bus, or ferry are a challenge for New Yorkers every day.”

Scott Gastel, a spokesman for NYC’s Department of Transportation said the city is “not outright opposed” to e-scooters, which are currently illegal under state law.

New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson released a statement in the New York Daily News saying that the city would be open to e-scooters as long as safety and street space sharing issues are addressed.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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