Detectives Hunt for High Rise Shooter

Roosevelt Island resident John Thrasher notified police Saturday at around 1:10 a.m. after hearing "at least four and probably five" shots being fired from his building toward a luxury high-rise in Manhattan about 1,400 feet away across the East River. 

Thrasher said, "I looked over my balcony on the west side toward the river and didn't see anything — there was no scurrying, there was no one yelling, there were no people whatsoever." 

Thrasher then called his doorman, who called 911.

Just seconds after the shots were fired on Roosevelt Island a resident on the 32nd floor of the luxury high-rise at One East River Place across the river sprang from bed when he heard his living room window blown out. 

Early Tuesday morning several detectives showed up to the Roosevelt Island building located at 30 River Road and interviewed residents who also heard the shots.

Occupants of the targeted building were angry with management for not notifying them about the bullets whizzing through the windows. Giovani Rampone who lives on the 31st floor was quoted in the New York Post saying "We shouldn't have to find out about it when we hit the streets. The [management] should communicate it." 

A 75-year-old woman who lives on the 42nd floor said the scare solidifies her plans to leave. 

"I'm done", she said. "I guess it's a sign of the times — there are crazy people out's frightening...I don't feel safe."

An NYPD spokesman said Tuesday that the gunfire incident is "under investigation" and no arrests have been made.

Photo Credit Getty Images

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