Cop and Doctor Hurt in Hospital Meltdown

Staff and security officers at Nassau University Medical Center were assaulted by a patient this weekend when a man became enraged and lashed out at those trying to help him.

Joseph Hores kicked a doctor in the face and cold-cocked a police officer when he didn't get treated for the illness he claimed to have. During the attack, additional hospital staff members rushed the out of control patient and restrained him by lashing him to a bed. Within minutes of being restrained Hores continued his rampage and started his bed on fire with a lighter he pulled from his back pocket.

The fire was quickly put out and a sedated Hores was transferred to First District Court in Hempstead where he faces two assault charges, a charge of criminal mischief, and an arson charge.

According to the New York Post, the doctor Hores kicked in the face suffered a concussion and the security guard he punched out was treated at the hospital for a facial contusion.

Hores is being held on $50,000 bond. The hospital did not divulge the treatment Hoers was seeking.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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