Port Authority Bus Terminal Tests New Technology

The Port Authority is running a pilot program at its bus terminal this week, testing new screening technology that can determine whether someone has a bomb.

If someone has an explosive device, such as a suicide vest, an alarm will be triggered as they pass by the testing device.  The technology will be tested from Monday, August 13th through Wednesday, August 15th during the morning and evening rush.

The Port Authority said no radiation is emitted by the testing and no anatomical details of a person are displayed.  The agency also said the testing won’t impact operations at the bus terminal or travel by commuters.

Earlier this year, the Port Authority tested a security screening program known as Evolv Edge at the World Trade Center PATH station.  That pilot program consisted of a high-tech body scanning unit that was designed to detect weapons and explosives.

The manufacturer of Evolv Edge claimed it could screen upwards of 600 people per hour.

“The idea behind this pilot program is to evaluate another resource available to us in the effort to ensure the continuing protection and security of the traveling public,” Port Authority Chief Security Officer John Bilich said back in May.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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