College Basketball Coach Arrested in NYC

A college basketball coach has been arrested in New York City after allegedly throwing a punch that killed a man.

Wake Forest assistant Jamill Jones apparently became upset when Sandor Szabo knocked on the window of his SUV last Sunday morning in Queens, believing he was an Uber driver.

Jones is accused of punching Szabo, causing the tourist from Florida to fall and hit his head on the sidewalk.  Szabo lost consciousness and later died.

Szabo worked for the What If Media Group, which posted a message on Facebook, calling his death a “devastating loss.”

“Sandor was super outgoing, friendly, and an incredibly smart businessman.  He was always upbeat, positive, kind and caring.  He was fund to be with, interesting, and always interested.  He was a really good person,” the company said in a statement.

Szabo had been in the city to celebrate the wedding of his stepsister.

“His beautiful spirit and his love of life will remain with us.  We are going to miss him dearly,” the company said.

Jones was hired by Wake Forest in May 2017.  He previously coached with UCF, VCU and Florida Gulf Coast.  Jones graduated from Arkansas Tech in 2008.

Jones was arraigned last night on a misdemeanor assault charge and release on his own recognizance.  He’s due back in court in October.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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