EMT Busted for Alleged DUI a Year After Hanging Noose in Ambulance

EMT Busted for Alleged DUI a Year After Hanging Noose in Ambulance

An EMT son of a retired FDNY battalion chief was arrested Tuesday morning on DUI charges on Staten Island.

John Thornton, 27, was disciplined last year for an incident in which he hung a noose in an ambulance as a prank, reports the New York Daily News

But the EMT found himself in more trouble this week after he was taken into custody around 4 a.m. Tuesday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated in West New Brighton. 

Thornton, the son of retired Battalion Chief Terrance Thornton, reportedly apologized to officers who pulled him over, admitting that he had too much to drink.

John is set to appear in Staten Island criminal court Wednesday. FDNY says he is suspended without pay and faces further discipline, which may cost him his job.

In August of 2017, John admitted to hanging a noose in an ambulance at Station 22 in Staten Island. He said it was a joke, warning a buddy to start training for an upcoming firefighter exam or he would never advance in his career.

The union rep who saved John's job later found a racist and hate-filled note in her locker that appeared to be threatening her life. The note sparked a hate crime investigation and criticism of FDNY officials for not calling police right away. It's unclear who wrote the note. 

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