Disgruntled Customer Stabs Tattoo Artist

The NYPD is asking for your help in identifying the man seen in this video. He allegedly is the customer who was so unhappy with a tattoo artist's work that he came back to the studio a few weeks later and stabbed the artist twice in the thigh before fleeing.

In incident occurred at a shop on East Fordham Road near Bainbridge Avenue in Fordham Manor on July 26th. 

The argument started off as a verbal confrontation but quickly escalated into a physical battle when the artist and the suspect couldn't agree on a fair settlement. Witnesses say the suspect marched into the tattoo artist's studio space and demanded something be done to fix his tattoo or his money should be refunded. When the artist told the man the parlor had a no refund policy the suspect pulled a knife and stabbed the tattooer in the thigh twice.

Employees of the tattoo shop called 911 and conducted first-aid on the wound until EMTs arrived. The stabbed man was stabilized and then rushed to a local hospital where he is listed in stable condition. 

The surveillance footage released by the NYPD, in the New York Post shows the suspect entering and fleeing the tattoo shop. The suspect was last seen wearing a yellow shirt, black jeans, and a pair of Jordan Space Jams sneakers. The suspect appears to be in his mid to late 20's with black, shoulder-length dreadlocks with blond streaks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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