Centenarian Nearly Conned Out of Real-Estate Fortune

Alleged con-man Richardo Bentham could get 15 years behind bars if he is found guilty of swindling his 101-year-old neighbor out of the deed to one of his homes.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said the 58-year-old Queens suspect positioned himself as a friend and advocate of the victim, Woodrow Washington, by helping the man collect the rent from his properties.

According to court papers, Bentham convinced Washington to sign over the deed to one of his homes so it would prove that he had the authority to collect the rent from his other properties. Washington told the DA that he didn't know that he had signed a deed transfer form until the NYC Department of Finance informed him that he had signed over a home worth $500,000.

Brown was quoted in the New York Post saying, "In actuality, the helper is alleged to have duped the old man into signing away his home."

Bentham was released on bail but will face grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property charges when his case is called before the end of the year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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