Deadly Gang Violence on Staten Island

A chaotic and deadly scene on Staten Island may be the result of gang violence.

There was an argument on Tuesday afternoon outside the Staten Island courthouse amongst a group of men who are reputed gang members.  At one point, a gunman began shooting at a van carrying members from a rival gang.  That van slammed into the man, 26-year-old Robert Craigwell, and pinned him against a home on Fort Place and Montgomery Avenue.

“It looks like there was someone chasing someone, fired some shots at him, and the car ended up crashing into someone.  There was one person that was dead on arrival over there,”

Four people were arrested and a gun was recovered.

"A car crashed into the house.  There was a dead body hanging between the car and the house.  It landed in between and the guy he died," one man told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.

Not far from the scene, a 67-year-old was shot in the face while waiting at a bus stop.  She is listed in critical condition.

Police are investigating whether the woman was struck by a stray bullet from the alleged gang shooting.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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