Protester Arrested for Climbing Statue of Liberty

A 44-year-old woman accused of climbing the Statue of Liberty will be in court on Thursday.

Therese Okoumou allegedly scaled the base of the statue on the Fourth of July to protest President Trump’s immigration policies.  It caused Liberty Island to be evacuated, with an estimated 4,500 people piling into boats.

NYPD officers went up the statue to try and convince the woman to come down.  Detective Brian Glacken helped bring Okoumou down and says her climb was dangerous because the vent covers were on copper.

“She didn't realize those vents could rip right out.  She initially tied herself off I believe to that and once I explained to her that's not safe, she kinda got a little bit worried about that.  It is dangerous.  Lack of knowledge is what's gonna get you hurt,” Detective Glacken said.

Glacken wasn’t worried about falling because he was attached to a safety harness.  However, he said climbing the statue was difficult because there was nothing to grab onto.


Okoumou traveled to the island with a group known as “Rise and Resist.”  Seven members of that group were arrested after hanging a banner at the Statue of Liberty calling for ICE to be abolished.  Organizers of the protest said they had no idea that Okoumou planned to climb the statue.

Okoumou lives on Staten Island.  She faces charges that include trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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