Two NYPD Cops Suspended After Deadly Shooting

Two New York City police officers have been suspended after allegedly not getting out of their car to help the victim of a shooting in Brooklyn.

There was an argument outside a bar early Saturday morning and 44-year-old Robert Fason was shot.  A witness called 911 and two police officers found Fason collapsed in front of a home, but allegedly never got out of their police car.

About 45 minutes later, 911 was called again and two different officers responded to the scene.  At that point, Fason was dead.

“The officers were suspended due to lack of proper investigation.  The borough investigation unit is still conducting a thorough look at exactly what happened,” NYPD Chief Rodney Harrison said.

The family of Fason is demanding answers.  They want to know why the officers refused to help him.  They argue that his life could have been saved.

An investigation continues into the actions of the officers.

“We take this job, to do right by all victims in this city.  So they have to live with that and suffer the consequences,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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