Terrorist Turned Informant Sentenced to Time-Served

American citizens who join the cold-blooded terrorist group ISIS can usually look forward to a lengthy prison sentence if and when they are caught.

That was not the case for a Staten Island man, known as "John Doe."

Doe was sentenced to time served by Brooklyn federal court Judge Jack Weinstein.

The ISIS recruit was cut some slack because after seeing a suicide belt for the first time, he got cold feet and went to the feds, telling authorities everything he knew about the terrorist group.

According to an article published in the New York Post, Judge Weinstein told Doe, "In my opinion, you will be doing much more for society [as a free man] than if a prison sentence were imposed."

Doe, the 29-year-old Baruch Finance graduate has been detained since he started to cooperate with the federal government in 2014.

Judge Weinstein handed down his decision yesterday. Doe's real name or release information was not provided to the public.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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