Principal's Note About Passing Students That Are Failing Angers Parents

Principal Indira Mota from Brooklyn Public School IS 171 sent a back-handed complimentary message to parents of 6th graders who were promoted to 7th grade. 

"Congratulations! Your child has been promoted to the 7th grade. However, if the budget allowed your child would have been sent to summer school. Please be advised that your child has to attain a 75% or above in each subject. Have a great summer! Looking forward to having a better year."

Doug Cohen, a Department Of Education spokesman tried to calm down concerned parents by claiming Mota was encouraging struggling students to attend voluntary summer school courses elsewhere. 

Cohen said, "The letter was intended to encourage continued academic achievement for students and families for the upcoming school year. We have a variety of rigorous summer programs available for families and will work closely with these students to find appropriate academic programs for them this summer."

In 2011, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg failed to have the school closed because of low test scores. Students from IS 171 scored 35% lower in math and English than the average NYC school. 

A teacher from the school who wished to remain anonymous told the New York Post,  Mota is a popular administrator who has helped IS 171 get back on track since arriving in 2014. 

The source added, "She cares about these kids and is doing the best she can under the circumstances."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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