Ex-Staten Island Rep. Grimm Weighs in on Immigration

After hearing a tape released by ProPublica, former inmate and Staten Island Republican Representative Michael Grimm decided to weigh in on the Trump administration's controversial immigration policy.

"What people are forgetting, they just want to listen to those tapes — you know, I can take you to any nursery, and you're going to hear the exact same things," the Grimm said in a TV interview this morning. "As a mother leaves to go to work and has to leave her child at daycare, you're going to hear those same exact things." 

In the tape, children can be heard crying for their parents while locked up in a detention center. 

Grimm who was caught on video in 2014 threatening a reporter was recently released from prison after serving time for federal tax fraud. Grimm is now trying to take back his seat from the incumbent Republican Representative Dan Donovan.

During the NY1.com interview, Grimm called the separations "extremely unfortunate" but also insisted the kids were better off. 

"I think when you really look at it those children haven't been that safe in a long time," he said. "And the conditions that they have are much better than what they came from."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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