Gov. Cuomo Has Yet Another Primary Opponent

A third candidate has thrown her hat in the ring for the honor of being the governor of New York State. 

Former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has decided to join the race as an independent and take on incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo and former Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon.

Rumors were running rampant a few months back that Stephanie Miner was going to challenge Cuomo in the upcoming election, but when Nixon decided to run as a Democrat political pundits believed she had missed her opportunity.

Miner tweeted her intentions Monday morning stating, "The price of politics as usual and the cost of corruption is weighing us all down. That's why I am running for governor-not as a Democrat, not as a Republican, but as a citizen of New York."

Friends and supporters of Governor Cuomo immediately answered Miner's Twitter announcement with comments denouncing her for running from outside the party against an incumbent. 

Cuomo spokesperson Matt Wing said of Miner's Tweet, "No matter the reason behind this bizarre move, I am fairly certain today is the most and only time people will spend talking about Stephanie Miner running for Governor. Hope she enjoys the day."

An article published in the New York Post speculated that Miner was running as an independent in hopes of peeling votes away from Cuomo and helping Republican candidate Marc Molinaro.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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