Report Shows Exam Answers Were Given to Students

A remorseful NYC high school teacher informed his principal that he and another teacher had given their geometry and statistics classes the answers to midterm exams in 2013.

Joseph Reed, the principal at the Long Island Queens High School looked into the matter and found that students in Pierre Foucault and Girvan Walkers classes had scored significantly higher than students who did not have the same teachers. After Principal Reed concluded that there was foul play involved he contacted the DOE's Office of Special Investigations.

After questioning several students the O.S.I. discovered that the teachers had instructed their students to memorize the multiple choice answers given to them in the review materials and to not bother showing their work.  At the conclusion of the investigation, both teachers were found to have provided the test answers resulting in teacher misconduct judgments.

According to an article published in the New York Post, both teachers declined to comment to the Office of Special Investigations during or after the probe was completed.

Girvan Walker resigned from the Department of Education in 2013 while Pierre Foucault paid a 4,000 dollar fine and continues to work at the school as a highly paid, tenured educator.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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