Patriotic Bench May Be Removed

American Legion Post number 1833 has received a complaint from the city's Transportation Department claiming the bench outside of their post has received complaints because it is painted to resemble the American Flag. 

The Transportation Department document stated that the bench, located in Park Slope Brooklyn, must be removed but did not divulge the type of complaint they received or who made it.

The members of the American Legion Post have taken to social media in an attempt to save the bench. The Post's Facebook page claims the bench was built for anyone to sit and take a load off. Kids can eat their lunch there; elderly people in the neighborhood who need to rest can grab a seat, veterans can sit there and enjoy the nice weather.

Mariana Guzman, who has been in charge of the Post for the past 15 years said, "it's an American Flag. We live in America. We want to know why they want us to take it down. We support the veterans, we throw parties for them and help support their families."

People who responded to the American Legions social media posts told the members to "Keep the Bench!"  And "Let's stand up to these jerks." One angry citizen blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio saying, de Blasio only lives a half a mile away, I'm sure he has something to do with the proposed removal."

According to an article published in the New York Post, there are 1,400 American Legion Posts across the country.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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