Face-Biting Subway Fighter Sought By Cops (WATCH)

A pair of subway riders got into a fight that left one of them without a portion of his lip. 

The ruckus started at the Utica Avenue 4/5/6/ station in Crown Heights, Saturday night. The unidentified participants started yelling at each other as spectators gathered and cheered them on. Before long, the verbal altercation ramped up to an all-out fight.

The taller of the two men scored first when he slammed his opponent into an MTA metro card vending machine. The next bit of punishment was dealt out by the shorter of the two when he wrenched the wrist of the taller man and landed a solid punch to his face.  A

After getting punched in the face the tall man lunged and bit the smaller man in the face, ripping a chunk of his lip off. The fight continued until the crowd notified the man with a portion of his lip missing that he was losing copious amounts of blood and he should probably seek medical treatment. 

Once the brawlers noticed the amount of blood that was splashed across the white subway tile the fight ended. The taller man fled the scene as the shorter man took a seat on the platform and waited for EMT's to arrive.

According to an article published in the NY Post, the man who suffered the facial bite was transported to Kings County Hospital. The face-biter is still being sought by police

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Video Contains Graphic Violence

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