Pizza Deliveryman Detained by ICE

There are protests in Brooklyn after a restaurant delivery man has been detained by immigration officials and is now in danger of being deported.

Pablo Villavicencio is an undocumented immigrant from Ecuador and was taken into custody last Friday after dropping off a pizza at the Fort Hamilton Army Base.  He’s made similar deliveries in the past without incident.

“The arrest of Pablo with a municipal ID is sending shockwaves throughout the immigrant community,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said.

Upon arriving at the army base, Villavicencio showed his New York City identification card, which is available to undocumented immigrants.  Officials said he also agreed to a background check, which turned up an active ICE warrant.  They said he’s been considered an ICE fugitive since 2010 for failing to comply with a voluntary departure order.

“He was a taxpayer, contributor to our community, entering this base and now he went from being in this base that’s here to protect us to prison,” Adams said.

Villavicencio has been married to Sandra Chica for five years.  She is a U.S. citizen and the couple lives on Long Island.

“It’s cruel that they’re going to separate my daughter’s from him.  He is supporting the family.  Now, I’m going to be by myself alone with the kids,” Chica said.

The couple has two children. 

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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