Restaurant Workers Fear Wage Fixing Gala

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker and the One Fair Wage campaign will hold a gala in an attempt to find a mutual understanding as to how much restaurants should pay their tipped staff members. The One Fair Wage people have been trying to keep the location of the gala secret so protesters from the restaurant business cannot turn the party into a riot. 

Besides not giving the location to anyone who doesn't buy a ticket, tickets to the gala are far too expensive for the average restaurant workers; single seats start at $500 a head. Full tables go for $50,000. Some restaurant workers want the One Fair Wage group to mind their own business and leave the restaurant wages where they are. 

Joshua Chassion, a representative of the Restaurant Workers of America says "I've been in contact with dozens of people in the restaurant business who'd love to protest at the gala, but the One Fair Wage people have not revealed where the shindig will go down." 

According to an article published in the New York Post, tip-based workers earn $8.65 an hour, plus tips. The minimum wage in New York is $13.00 dollars an hour right now and will go up to $15.00 dollars an hour next year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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