Soggy Construction Site Has Neighbors Worried About Mosquitoes

With summer approaching people who live near a Greenpoint, Brooklyn construction site are worried that the groundwater pooled all over the lot will bring hordes of hungry disease spreading mosquitoes.

Bruman Reality purchased the lot last fall to build a seven-story apartment complex. The firm ripped down the buildings, put up a construction barrier, and then left the site to sit and gather water from melting snow and rain storms. When the giant puddles overflow the water spills out into the surrounding neighborhood.

Geri Cizmar, who lives in the building next to the construction site said, "Now that the weather is turning warmer the standing water is sure to become a mosquito breeding ground." Ms. Cizmar and several other neighbors have called 311 and complained about the standing water on the site to the New York City Health Department. Reports found on the Health Department website state that removing standing water is the best way to reduce mosquito populations.

According to the statistics supplied by the United States Center For Disease Control, the number of Americans sickened by mosquito and flea bites has tripled between 2004 and 2016.

The New York Department of Buildings spokesperson told the New York Post that they have heard the complaints of the construction site neighbors and are acting on the problem.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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