'Healer' Arrested For Improper Touching

Christian Robles said, "God has his back" as he was arrested for sexually abusing five patients in his Longwood, Bronx apartment. Mr. Robles, a self-proclaimed ‘Spiritual Healer' allegedly lured men and woman to his apartment with the promise of cleaning their spirits, only to ply them with alcohol and then touch them in a sexual manner.

Victims told officials that Robles invited them to his apartment, had them drink a substance that left them incapacitated, and then cut their clothes off with a knife. 

One victim of Robles abuse allegedly suffered a miscarriage after the ‘healer' walked on her back and stomach while she was with child.

Neighbors told the police that they knew Robles like he was a member of their family; they would talk with him in the building and had no idea that anything of that nature was happening.

Melanie Cantarero, who is quoted in the ABC7ny article, said of Robles arrest, "it's sad because a lot of Hispanic people believe in that culture, it is something that we do partake in."

The suspect's children were put in the custody of ACS.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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