After Anger Management Classes Judge Gets Charges Reduced

Former Judge Robert Beltrani was allowed to plead an assault charge down to a harassment violation today in a Manhattan courtroom.

Beltrani, a former Republican state senate candidate, was charged with assault last November after he was caught punching legal aid Samuel Roberts. The assault which was caught on video was pleaded down to a harassment violation, which is not a crime. Beltrani was allowed to plead down the assault charge because he finished mandatory anger management classes and served 70 hours of community service.

The video shows Beltrani and Roberts arguing with each other. After Roberts pushes the ex-jurist Beltrani landed a punch to the lawyer's face that sent the man down to the ground. When the Judge asked Beltrani if he had anything to say Beltrani smiled and said "No."  

As the former judge waited for his paperwork to be handled, he spoke to the gallery of reporters gathered nearby. Beltrani said,"I may never get my name on a monument or a building, but I was in the Post for doing some good things too."

According to an article published on the website  Beltrani's lawyer, Terry Sanders called the entire case and "unfair prosecution."

Beltrani was removed from the bench in 2017 after his behavior was deemed unbefitting of a judge.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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