Cable Repairman Left Swinging In The Breeze

Elena Gerlihman of Ridgewood New Jersey was arrested for stealing the keys from an Optimum Cable TV truck, leaving the worker stranded in the bucket 25 feet up in the air.

Witnesses say the 59-year-old customer and the cable repairman were having a heated verbal exchange when Ms. Gerlihman opened the truck door and turned the vehicle off, cutting power to the utility truck controls.  The cable repairman called the police and told them of his dilemma.

Responding officers were able to track down Ms. Gerlihman and get the power turned back on in the truck so the driver could lower his bucket and return to his duties.

Gerlihman was arrested and charged with harassment, false imprisonment, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespassing. She was released a short time later and issued a court appearance summons.

Captain William Amoruso of the Ridgewood police department told the Daily Voice that Ms. Gerlihman refused to say what her beef was with Optimum Cable.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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