Study Shows Traffic Accidents Near NYC Schools Puts Students In Danger

New York City's Department of Transportation is getting an ear-full of complaints from parents who are worried about their children's safety as they walk to New York Public schools.

Worried parent, Liz Tyman said she is forced to drive her 13-year-old daughter to school even though it's just a 10-minute walk from their home to Great Oaks Charter School. Ms. Tyman made the decision to drive her child after a report showed that seventy-eight accidents have been reported near her daughter's school. Tyman said, "I know traffic is bad in New York City, but 78 accidents is really bad, the city has to do something." 

The report issued by listed Great Oaks School as the second worse school as far as traffic accident occurrence. The number 1 spot went to Collegiate Harvest High School in Greenwich Village which had 84 nearby accidents.

Esky Zapata was quoted in an article in the New York Post saying, "She saw a car narrowly miss a group of students while blowing through a red-light. Just from the speed, the car was going I could tell it wasn't going to stop, I told the kids to stay back." 

Dana Martinez said she and her son were almost creamed while they were walking to school last month. Martinez added, "I'd rather drive him than have him dodge cars in the street. I don't trust these maniacs."

An NYC Department of Transportation spokesperson said they would review the report and focus on fixing the dangerous traffic conditions around NYC public schools.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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