New Jersey Serial Pooper Caught

A man who was allegedly pooping every day at the Holmdel High School football field has been arrested.

Kenilworth School Superintendent Thomas Tramaglini, 42, is facing several charges including lewdness, littering and defecating in public.  He’s been placed on paid leave.

“The Holmdel School Resource Officer was alerted by Holmdel High School staff and coaches that they were finding human feces, on or near the area of the High School track / football field on a daily basis,” Holmdel Police said in a statement on Facebook.

Tramaglini lives only a few miles from Holmdel High School and apparently ran around the track there every morning.  Coaches for the school track team spotted the human waste.


“The SRO, along with school staff, monitored the area and was able to identify a subject responsible for the acts,” Holmdel Police said.

It’s unclear what his motivation was.

Tramaglini is expected to be in court on Monday morning.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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