Big Apple Residents Need More Rest

A Siena College Research Poll contacted 802 random New York adults and asked them about their sleeping habits, the results show that less than 1 in 4 gets the recommended 8 hours of sleep.

The reasons behind the lack of sleep vary from lying awake worrying about money issues to enjoying the nightlife of the city too much.

When asked about his sleeping habits Jonathon Cole, who works in the construction industry said, "My sleeping habits are all over the place, I work daily until the job is done and sometimes it's really late so I have to get home, grab something to eat, hop in the shower ,and be up the next morning by 5:00 am"

Middle school teacher Brittany Simon said, "She always shoots for 8 hours but with kids and a husband some nights she's lucky if she gets 6 hours."

Don Levy, the director of the study said, "New Yorkers are extremely busy, the city's atmosphere doesn't lend itself to many restful nights."

Diana Rodriguez, a computer scientist from Hell's Kitchen blames her lack of rest on her phone. Ms. Rodriguez leaves the device on her bed stand so every text, email, or breaking news alert sounder has her up checking her phone for at least an hour before she can settle in for some decent rest.

An article published in the New York Post shows that the majority of adults are lucky if they get 6 hours of quality sleep a night.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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