Eight Cops Injured in Connecticut Explosion


Eight police officers in Connecticut have been injured after an explosion during a standoff in North Haven.

Cops responded to a domestic situation at a home on Quinnipiac Avenue where they found a man barricaded inside with his wife.  The SWAT team was trying to coax the man out of the house while other officers searched the perimeter.  They went into a barn when a series of explosions took place.  Police believe the barn was booby trapped.

The officers suffered cuts, abrasions and minor concussions, but all are considered non-life threatening injuries.  They were treated at Yale-New Haven Hospital.


Firefighters responded to extinguish a fire caused by the explosions.

At some point during the standoff the wife was able to escape.  It’s unclear what her condition is.

As of Thursday morning, police remained on the scene.  The fate of the suspect is unknown.  Authorities said he had no previous serious encounters with law enforcement.

Several roads and streets were closed in the area of the home and people have been told to stay away.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images


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