Parks Department Opens Illegally Locked Dog Park

A New York City Parks Department work crew had to break out the bolt cutters Friday to finally put an end to a group of snooty dog owners who had been running a 10-year-long illegal privatization scam at a Tribeca dog park.

The Warren Street Dog Park was reopened to the public Sunday after a dog owner complained that he was being charged $120 a year for use of the park. The man, who chose not to give his name, said he paid the dues because he was afraid if he didn't the park would have become a "rotting crap hole"

Dog owner Lily Craelius told the New York Post that she just happened to be walking by the dog park and noticed it was much "cleaner than the North End Dog Run she usually used.

Another dog-lover who decided to take advantage of the now unlocked Warren Street Dog Park said: "the more dogs, the merrier," as his Golden Retriever tussled with some new friends.

A former member of the exclusive version of the dog park told the New York Post that City Parks Department will now take care of the upkeep of the park.

The identity of the group who illegally locked the park and barred the general public is not known.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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