FEDS Arrest 180 People During Operation Keep Safe

It appears the federal agency known as ICE doesn't care that Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared NYC a sanctuary city after a special program called Operation Keep Safe arrested 225 illegal immigrants throughout the 5 boroughs between April 9th and April 14th.

Of the 225 people detained 180 of those had criminal records and are now waiting to be deported.Thomas Decker, the field office director for New York's ICE division said, "Ice continues to face significant obstacles with policies created by local officials, who hinder cooperation between ICE and local law enforcement." Mr. Decker added, "The fact is that a so-called sanctuary city does not only provide refuge to those who are here against immigration law, but also provides protections for criminal aliens who prey on the people in their own communities by committing crimes at all levels"

Rosemary Boeglin, a spokesperson from the mayor's office of immigration affairs said, "New York City will work with federal partners in the interest of public safety, but not to be an arm of immigration."

Yatziri Tovar from ‘Make The Road New York' told the New York Daily News, "Make no mistake: This is about tearing apart families who have lived here for many years."  Mr. Tovar added, "The recent ICE raids are a clear illustration of the ongoing and escalating attack on communities by the Trump administration."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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