Brooklyn Cops Misidentify, Tase Wrong Man

Members of the Crown Heights, Brooklyn, police accidentally tased the wrong man yesterday after receiving a call from a resident who told authorities her son was busting up her apartment. 

When the police arrived at the apartment building on the corner of Lincoln Place and Buffalo Avenue they approached a man that fit the description given by the resident of her son, Andre Hinkson, and detained him. While officers began questioning the man he became belligerent and tried to flee the scene. The officers took the man to the ground and tased him three times.

When the officers asked Ms. Wilson to come down and identify her son, she told officers that they had stopped the wrong man. The officers took the falsely detained man to Kings County Hospital to be checked out and then released him without pressing charges.

Sgt. Brendan Ryan, a spokesman for the Brooklyn precinct told the New York Daily News that "The commanding officer is aware of the situation and is investigating the matter."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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