Demolished Tappan Zee Will Sleep With the Fishes

Governor Cuomo announced that a portion of the recently demolished Tappan Zee Bridge will be used as material to finish building 12 reefs off of Long Island. 

The 43,000 cubic feet of bridge rubble was sifted and cleared of all potentially hazardous material before being loaded onto barges. The barges will make the trip to Long Island where the material will be used to make one of six purposed new "natural" sea life habitats.

The reefs are part of a $6 million dollar project that will use demolition construction waste and decommissioned ships to complete the 12 reef project that will surround and protect Long Island.

Governor Cuomo asked if "there was a bridge heaven" while giving a press conference covered by the New York Post this afternoon at Kings Park. 

"You spend all your life above the water serving people, and then you go to Bridge Heaven which is below the water," Cuomo said.

The governor's office couldn't give a definite completion time or final cost of the project, but the original proposal for the project stated that construction will begin in May and be completed by the end of August.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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