Investigation Finds $1.4 Million in Disability Fraud

Gerard Scparta, Kenneth Rubero and Scott Maraio were charged with unlawfully receiving $1.4 million dollars in false disability payments. The three men also share another thing in common, they are former NYPD officers.

Mr. Scparta is accused of stealing 638 grand from the Social Security Administration over the past 20-years claiming he suffered anxiety attacks and severe bouts of depression that kept him from working. In reality, Scparta has been working as a security guard at a strip club since 2004 and has earned over $1.5 million dollars.

Rubero, a former NYPD detective has hauled in $396,000 dollars in disability payments while earning over $700,000 grand from the two companies he owns and runs.

And the third former cop/firefighter caught up in the investigation, Scott Maraio has collected over $350,000 dollars in disability payments since 2008 while he was making over 450,000 grand working for a strip club and a staffing company.

All three men were caught during a State and Federal investigation that targeted NYPD officers and FDNY employees that had been paid millions of dollars in questionable disability payments.

Scparta's lawyer Joseph Mure said, "We look forward to our day in court." Rubio's lawyer, Timothy Parlatore said, his client didn't do anything wrong because you are allowed to invest in a business and oversee the business while collecting disability.

Mr. Mario's lawyer did not release a statement.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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