Cynthia Nixon Talks NY Politics

Democrat Cynthia Nixon said New York has an appetite for real progressive change this morning when she sat down for an interview on the Wendy Williams Show.

Ms. Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbs in the HBO series Sex in the City, told Williams that she is "absolutely for the legalization of marijuana." And believes New York should capture some of the revenue other states are cashing in on.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Ms. Nixon have been trading barbs since she announced her decision to run for office. 

Cuomo called Nixon a celebrity candidate looking for recognition. 

Nixon fired back calling the governor a celebrity as well because he is the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

Nixon and Williams also discussed the recent police-involved shooting in Sacramento, California that ended with Stephon Clark being shot dead when police officers mistook a cell phone for a gun. 

Nixon told Williams that she believes when people say black lives matter they have to show they mean it.

Nixon said black women will help her become governor because "they are the cornerstone, they are the backbone of the Democratic Party and we need to let them lead."  

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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