State Lawmakers Act On Cop-Prisoner Sex Statute

New York State lawmakers rushed a piece of legislation through the Assembly last night that makes it illegal for cops and corrections officers to have sex with prisoners. The new law makes cop-prisoner relations illegal under the same law that protects minors and handicapped individuals who cannot give legal consent.

The new piece of legislation was put into motion after two Brooklyn detectives were accused of raping a 19-year-old handcuffed woman last September. The police officers have both pleaded not guilty, saying the sex was consensual.

The officer-prisoner sex bill was added to a group of budget bills lawmakers were rushing to get passed before the deadline hits Sunday at 12:01 pm. If the budget bills are not passed before the deadline, emergency spending moves will have to be approved to elude a government shutdown.

Members of both parties say they plan on leaving work by Friday evening to share the holidays with their families.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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