Dead Passenger Brought Back To Life On Subway

Kevin Bartsch, a two-year veteran of the MTA saved a man's life Wednesday evening as the ‘F'  train he was piloting pulled into the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue station. 

Bartsch was alerted by passengers that a man was unconscious and turning blue on his train. 

Once Bartsch had the train stopped he went to assist the man and found that he had no pulse.

"That's when the training took over," Bartsch told The New York Post. "The passengers lips had turned blue and the man wasn't breathing so I pulled him off the seat and began CPR."

While Mr. Bartsch was tending to the ill passenger the EMT's arrived and fired up the defibrillator. As the EMT's yelled clear the man coughed and sputtered back to life.

Bartsch said the man was combative when he regained consciousness and Bartsch was forced to hold the man down. 

Bartsch said he told the man "take it easy, you just died."

The EMT's took over the emergency situation and transported the unidentified man to Elmhurst Hospital.

Bartsch was congratulated by several witnesses who saw him bring the man back to life and then went back to work conducting his train during the busy rush hour.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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