Goats Will Invade Brooklyn Very Soon

Get ready hipsters, goat yoga is on its way to NYC. Goat yoga is pretty much the same as regular yoga; except there's a gaggle of feisty little goats running around whom occasionally jump on you while you're doing yoga poses.

Goat yoga has been popular in other parts of the United State like Californian and New Hampshire for years, so the hope is once the goats hit Bushwick Brooklyn, all of NYC will want to jump in on the goat yoga bandwagon. NY Goat Yoga has scheduled the first pop-up session to take place at 74 Ingram Street according to their Facebook page; New York Goat Yoga.

 So if you long to have miniature cloven hoofed beasts present while exercising, be sure to sign up as soon as possible to get in on the first ever NYC goat yoga class. When goat yoga was first introduced to the folks of New Hampshire, there was a 350 people long waiting list.

The secret to goat yoga's popularity is simple according to goat yoga professionals. The goats enjoy human interaction. Once the class begins the humans and goats forget their differences and just connect with each other.

More information on upcoming goat yoga classes can be found at Greepointers.com

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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