Local D.E.A. Officers Make A Huge Bust

Francisco Quiroz-Zamora, aka Gordo, was arrested and charged with drug-trafficking after he was linked to a group of men attempting to move 44 pounds of fentanyl into the five boroughs.

Zamora, rumored to be associated with the Mexican Sinaloa cartel was working in connection with a group of five other men who were traced to a Bronx hotel while in possession of duffel bag loaded with the fentanyl.

As the investigation continued agents learned that the cartel big wig was on his way to Penn station via train expecting to hook up with his four conspirators.

Undercover officers waited for Zamora to get off the train and meet up with his four friends before they moved in for the arrest.

During the investigation the narcotics task force also seized guns, cash, and five pounds of fentanyl from a Central Park West apartment the traffickers were using as a stash house.

After the narcotics task force was done collecting all the fentanyl stashed by the 5 suspects, they tallied over 44 pounds of the drug.

Officials claim that amount of the drug could kill 10 million people.

The fentanyl market has seen a huge increase in NYC according to the Special Narcotics Prosecutors office. Officers, who seized a mere 35 pounds of fentanyl in 2016, saw the amount grow to 491 pounds last year.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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