Record Setting Payroll at Port Authority

Unbelievable overtime payments to Port Authority Police Officers and office workers are causing a growing concern to the public as well as government officials. 

On average the 1,776 officers that safeguard the bridges and tunnels between NY and the Garden State earn $132,414 dollars per year, but some of the officers rack up huge amounts of overtime which sends their salaries into the deep 6 figures.

The leader of the pack when it comes to salary and overtime earnings was Sgt. Kevin Cottrell. Last year the 26-year veteran of the Port Authority earned a staggering $403,018 dollars, $214,000 of that was overtime pay.  Coming in second on the big buck list was detective Sgt. James McDaniels; he dragged home over 300 grand last year.

According to the government watchdog agency known as the Empire Center, over 200 cops and superior officers employed by the Port Authority made over $200,000 dollars last year. 

The Port Authority's payroll for their 8,169 people employees was $814 million dollars for 2017. That's $99,000 per year, per person, on average.

The king of cash at the Port Authority for 2017 was Officer Christopher Urbina. Mr. Urbina was paid $783,688 grand last year after he was cleared of groping charges from an incident in 2012.

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