NRA Can't Find A Venue To Hold Fundraiser

The "Second-Annual Brooklyn Friends of the NRA" fundraiser will have to find a new venue after the Grand Prospect Ballroom canceled the event because of pressure from schools and businesses located in the same neighborhood.

Michael Halkias, the owner of the Grand Prospect Ballroom said he was approached by friends and members of the community asking him to reconsider hosting the NRA event after all the shooting incidents in the news as of late.  Mr. Halkias reached out to the NRA and told them he was up against a tough situation in the neighborhood, so they agreed to let him out of his contract. Mr. Halkis said he was appreciative of the NRA for releasing him from his obligation.

This is the second time the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA group has been asked to make other arraignments due to bad press associated with the NRA. The first fundraiser and gun raffle was scheduled to be held at Gargiulo's in Coney Island, on April 12, but after 17 people were killed during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Florida, the catering hall backed out of their agreement.

Another school shooting took place this morning at Great Mills High School, in Maryland. The shooter, an unidentified male student was killed by an armed school resource officer. Two students are in critical condition after being shot by the suspect.

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