8-Year-Old Sends 12 People To The Hospital

An 8-year-old student from PS 184 in Brooklyn accidentally sent 12 people to the hospital this morning after spraying a can of pepper spray in a classroom.

20 people were hit with the noxious fumes, but only 11 students and 1 adult were taken to Brookdale Hospital suffering from eye irritation and breathing issues.

The 8-year-old student told the police that he found the can of pepper spray on the way to school and sprayed it to see what would happen.

Parents who were still on the school grounds when the accident occurred became worried when children began running from the school holding their noses and rubbing their eyes. A parent who did not wish to give her name said, "A little kid inside the dance room sprayed mace in the air and got it all over the other kids."

Miranda Barbot, an Education Department spokesperson said she had those most impacted by the pepper spray taken to the hospital just to be cautious and that the rest of the students and staff members at PS 184 are safe.

The FDNY and other first responders cleared the school of the remaining fumes and helped school officials decontaminate the classroom where the spray was released.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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