Unwanted Sexual Advances Lead To Bludgeoning Death

60-year-old Clifford Williams was beaten to death with a dumbbell last night by a 21-year-old man who didn't care for the victim's flirtatious behavior.

 Police reports state that Mr. Williams and the unnamed 21-year-old suspect met in front of the Popeye's Chicken store around the corner from the victim's Brooklyn apartment. After chatting for a bit the two men decided to take their chance meeting upstairs to Williams's home. Once inside the apartment, the flirting evidently got out of hand because the suspect became extremely angry and bashed the elderly man over the head several times with a lightweight dumbbell.

One of the victim's family members in another room of the apartment heard the commotion and called the police to investigate the ruckus.

When the cops arrived they found Mr. Williams unconscious on the floor with serious head wounds. Williams was rushed to the hospital, where he was officially pronounced dead.

The suspect was arrested at the scene of the crime and has yet to be charged.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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