Worker Crushed At Construction Site

A Queens construction worker was killed this morning when he was crushed by a forklift attempting to move a large window. Witnesses say the forklift driver did not see the victim between the wall and the large window the machine was carrying. When the window slid off the forks the victim was crushed.

The accident took place at a construction site in Jamaica Queens on 89th Street near 150th Street where the Cherit Group is building a luxury high-rise.

Co-workers rushed to help the man and screamed for medical assistance. A friend of the victim who wanted to remain anonymous said he knew his friend was dead by the way the window fell and landed directly on the man's head.   

A food trunk driver said she heard the crash and saw workers running to help the victim. Several men tried to resuscitate the man but he was beyond help.

The construction site has had numerous work stoppage orders due to safety conditions and environmental control board violations.

Dozens of workers stood watch over the victims covered body until authorities arrived on the scene.

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