9 Month Old Found Alone In Road WATCH!

A mother of 4 was charged with child endangerment after concerned citizens found her 9-month-old baby crawling down a dark road in Utica NY over the weekend.

Ledrika E. Ford was arrested by Utica police after she was identified in a video that surfaced on a Facebook page that showed the child crawling by itself dangerously close to passing traffic.  In the video, you can see and hear people running up to the child and questioning the whereabouts of the parents. The video also captures Ms. Ford running up to the concerned crowd yelling "that's my baby".

During the police investigation, Ms. Ford told officers that she had strapped the child into a car seat in the back of her cousin's car before driving off, and it wasn't until after they drove away that they noticed the baby was missing.The young mother told authorities that she and her cousin retraced their drive until they found the baby surrounded by the worried crowd.

The Utica police department notified child protective services and 4 minor children were removed from Ms. Ford's residence.

The Utica Police department released a statement thanking the folks who rescued the child and congratulated them on their compassionate spirit.

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