Upstate Politicians Angry With Mayor Bill

Terrence Murphy, the chairman of the Senate Investigations Committee of NY is fuming over the alleged deportation of NYC homeless people by the de Blasio administration.

Politicians from upstate regions including Binghamton and Broome County say that NYC officials are giving homeless people one years' worth of rent and putting them on buses so they can become someone else's problem.

In NYC over 2,600 people qualify for the Special One Time Assistance program which provides homeless families with funds for rental properties for a year.

Murphy said the deportation of homeless people from one part of the state to the other without knowing the background of the people is very concerning. Murphy asked, "Do these People have criminal records, are they just out of jail". Murphy continued calling the move "a slap in the face. It's sleight of hand. I wouldn't expect anything less from Mayor de Blasio".

Democratic lawmakers in upstate are also unhappy with the de Blasio administrations use of SOTA funds. Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, from Broome County, said; "out of sight, out of mind" is no substitute for a comprehensive strategy to address the shortage of affordable housing".

Jaclyn Rothenberg from Mayor de Blasio's office said the SOTA program is not illegal because it's voluntary and the city has helped homeless people relocate to find affordable housing and employment opportunities for years.  She added, "We hope these communities outside of NYC will welcome these families and help them get back on their feet".

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