Cuomo Visits NYCHA

Governor Andrew Cuomo visits a New York City Housing Authority building in the Bronx on Monday and will talk with residents.

This comes as NYCHA deals with mold and lead paint issues, along with many apartments that don’t have heat.

Over the weekend, Governor Cuomo seemed to blame Mayor Bill de Blasio for several problems in New York City.

“Failing schools, NYCHA, Rikers, what do they all have in common?  They have mostly minority populations and they are all being abused.  I see my job as Governor to put my thumb on the scales for social justice,” Cuomo said on Twitter.

Mayor de Blasio didn’t respond directly, but his press secretary fired back in a tweet.

“It’s like this guy hasn’t been the NY Governor, the top federal housing official, or an NYC prosecutor and state AG for three decades.  He could help right now by fully funding city schools and keeping his promises on NYCHA and Rikers.  Or he could Tweet,” Phillips said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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