Westchester Exec Calls for Utility Resignations

Westchester County Executive George Latimer is calling on the leaders of ConEdison and New York State Electric and Gas to step down.

He called their response to this week’s snow storm “inadequate and troubled.”  Latimer has sent a letter to local and state officials, asking them to join his call for the presidents of both companies to resign.

“Both ConEdison and NYSEG have fumbled the recovering effort and we as County residents can no longer stand by and accept this,” Latimer wrote.

As of Friday morning, Con Ed was reporting about 13,000 outages.  NYSEG had an additional 11,000 customers without power.

“I listened to enough, and we have put up with enough.  We are all tired of ConEdison and NYSEF’s excuses.  There are human beings out there - and we are given statistics instead of real world services,” Latimer wrote.

Some of those in the dark have been without power since a nor’easter last week. 

“I agree with him that a change needs to be done.  The people deserve that,” one resident told WOR’s Alice Stockton Rossini.  “I think that it would tell the people that are in that position right now that that’s not okay.”

But not everyone believes the utility presidents should lose their job.  One man said he understands the frustration of those who lost power, but calling for people to resign goes too far.

“It’s the winter, things happen.  You just have to plan for that.  Looking for someone’s head because parts of the community lost power just seems silly,” a resident said.

Photo Credit:  Alice Stockton Rossini

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