Bomb Detection Device Tested at Penn Station

The Transportation Security Administration will begin testing bomb detection technology at Penn Station on Tuesday. 

The technology is known as “Stand Off Explosive Detection Technology” and can determine whether someone is carrying explosives or wearing a suicide vest.  When a person is scanned, the device will detect emissions coming from the human body.  If there’s a threat, security officials will be notified.

“At long last and at not a moment too soon, the TSA has agreed to bring this new, potentially life-saving technology to New York City and Penn Station for testing, and so we thank the TSA for heeding the call,” Senator Chuck Schumer said.

Schumer began calling for the technology in December after a terror suspect detonated an explosive device in a passageway under the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Akayed Ullah only caused serious injury to himself.

“The ability to detect concealed explosives worn by cowards looking to do us harm – demands the federal government continue to put both the testing and the perfecting of this technology on the fast-track. America’s busiest cities, like New York, are the places where these devices will save lives, and if they work as well as touted, we must pursue an expedited seal of approval that gives all of us another layer of security to fend off would be lone wolf terror,” Schumer said.

The TSA has been working on the technology since 2004, with help from transit agencies like Amtrak and NJ Transit.  It’s already been used at high profile events, but isn’t in place yet at transit hubs. 

“As the threats we face evolve our preparedness and response must evolve as well to remain a step ahead of evil doers,” Schumer said.

Photo Credit:  Getty Images

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