A Floating Bridge To Brooklyn?

With the closure of the "L" train just over a year away, former Brooklynite Parker Shinn believes he may have come up with an idea that would lessen the horror for thousands of daily commuters.

 Mr. Shinn and his team would like to build a temporary bridge out of floating pontoons and barges. The proposed floating bridge would be slightly over 3000 foot long and elevated just enough to allow ferries to pass underneath.  It would be wide enough to accommodate two bus lanes, a lane for walking, and a bike lane. The bridge would also feature a 240-foot drawbridge in the center to allow larger sea-going vessels to pass through.

The MTA's plan for the 'L' train closure includes adding bus routes and exclusive bus-only roads. Plus private vehicles would be required to have 3 or more passengers to cross the Williamsburg Bridge.

Mr. Shinn said he came up with the floating bridge idea after he saw the negative economic impact the 'L' train closure would bring to Brooklyn even if the city's plan was enacted. 

The cost of the temporary bridge would be in the neighborhood of $38 million dollars.  

Shinn has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 dollars for engineering plans and a marketing budget.

The MTA and NYC have not committed on the floating bridge idea.

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